When is the last time a health expert gave you the personal attention you deserve and really listened to your goals and concerns? You’re worth it and there’s no reason to settle for anything less. At Simply Attuned, you’ll receive personal attention and a holistic plan for health, stress relief, mindfulness and growth that is custom built, just for you. We don’t try to fit you into a premade plan. Instead, we offer a truly customized and personal approach that fits your needs, your interests and your goals for improved health.


Since 2011, Jeneen has been practicing Usui and Tibetan Reiki as a Master Practitioner. In 2016 she also became a Practitioner of Usui Holy Fire Reiki which took her abilities to a whole new level. Since then she has received training on Chakras and energy balancing techniques by Anodea Judith, PhD., the bestselling author of “The Wheels of Life.” Jeneen is also skilled as an evidential psychic medium offering healing through Divine guidance.

I am a natural healer. My passion is to help others and to empower them to heal as a complete being of mind, body and soul. Through my business, I offer a holistic approach to health and soul growth through Reiki, Meditation, Massage, and more. 

Jeneen works with clients individually or in groups by appointment and remotely for distance healing. She is your personal advocate for living a life full of vibrant health and finally finding the answers for which you’ve been searching.

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