Top 10 Benefits of a Gratitude Journal

You have likely heard of a Gratitude Journal.¬†Gratitude has long been a topic discussed in church, so it’s quite understandable if you equate the topic with church or religion. But I’m not talking about a deeply religious experience here. Gratitude isn’t actually about religion or faith at all. It’s about YOU and the life-altering Benefits of a Gratitude Journal. According to several scientific studies, Gratitude is directly linked to our level of happiness. It’s a simple, daily exercise that can have profound effects on one’s outlook on life. And the effects begin almost right away.

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Traditional Western Medicine vs Holistic Healing

Trends in Holistic Health for 2017

It’s rather exciting to be able to write an article entitled Trends in Holistic Health. Maybe it’s just me because I work in the industry. But I hope that you’re excited about it too. Not that long ago, holistic healing practices and holistic health were still being pushed aside by traditional, Western medicine. Although practiced for thousands of years, holistic health modalities have primarily only been for the hardcore alternative health-conscious followers. The current trends in holistic health now show otherwise.

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