When I’m selecting topics for my blog or for my podcast, a lot of them are chosen based on my own personal circumstances and things that I’m currently experiencing or feelings that I’ve witnessed within myself. I share thoughts around things that cause me to struggle from time to time. We can feel the most passionate about sharing things that mean something to us personally. I believe the best articles are written by people with some kind of vested interest in the topic about which they’re writing.

Today is a bit of an impromptu conversation. I’m going to share with you something that I’m experiencing that I typically only share with family and colleagues. But for whatever reason, it seemed more appropriate to simply speak my mind than to carry on with what I had originally intended. It wouldn’t be the Simply Authentic podcast if we weren’t here to be authentic from time to time.

What Exactly Am I Talking About?

I’ll start off by giving you some background as to what’s happening.

For the last couple of weeks, something has been going on within me. I’ve been experiencing what I can only describe as some kind of energetic whirlwind. It’s difficult to explain. I’ve meditated on it and I’ve tried to shift my perspective around it. But all I get when I try to discover what it is is a voice telling me to “just push forward”. To “do what I can do and to not worry about whatever I can’t get done while this is going on. It will pass.”

I’ve experienced energetic shifts and a sort of “leveling up” as those of us in the energy work arena sometimes call it. We describe it as a lifting or increase of our own energetic vibration. These can happen periodically when you work a lot with energy (and even when you don’t). It’s possible that not everyone notices them when they occur. But I tend to notice everything. I joke that if there really were such a thing as the Princess and the Pea, that I was THAT princess.

When these energetic shifts happen, it can cause some physical sensations that aren’t always pleasant. For me, this typically comes through as headaches or unexplained bouts of tiredness. You likely experience the same things from time to time and don’t even realize it.

This time, however, it started with headaches, but then moved to a nauseating feeling, as if everything in my core was spinning.

I Can Recall When It Started

In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I can actually recall when everything shifted to a spinning motion. It was late on the night of February 2nd. I had stayed up late working on things as I often do, but when I went to bed, I took one more look at the message I was going to share the next day at church. I was speaking as Chairman and was going to be delivering the opening statements and message.

As I began thinking about it my mind began racing. I went through portions of what I had planned to say over and over and over and over again. I felt something we also refer to as “the kick” while thinking about the next day. For me that’s often a sign that I am connected with my Higher Self and we are in alignment. In that space I’m better positioned to hear my own true thoughts, my authentic self. What I was going to talk about the next day was going to come from a place of authenticity and I was grateful for that.

I began to feel the whirlwind of energy within me. It was a deeper connection than that which I had experienced before with my Higher Self. Typically a connection like that had only be experienced when communicating with my Guides or other ascended spirits. That much energy flowing through me feels a bit like being morphed into an Energizer Bunny.

I set my intention to release the energy so that I could fall asleep. I laid still and gave myself Reiki which usually helps. I breathed deeply through my nose. I counted my breaths. I tried and tried to quiet my mind through meditation. But nothing was helping. Soon an hour had passed, and another hour… and still my heartbeat pounded and my mind raced as it thought about the next day (which at that point was actually THAT day). Finally, at about 3:30 in the morning, I managed to fall asleep.

Energetic Shifts Can Sometimes Be Intense

Since then, I’ve been experiencing this nauseating energetic vibration within me. I’m sure it’s a good shift and one I had coming, but the physical aspects of it are challenging.

Whatever took place that night caused the pattern or the vibration of the energy within me to shift. It is now moving at a different speed or pitch or vibrational pattern – whatever the scientific explanation might be.

It feels very similar to when I ask Spirit Guides to join their energy with mine while we work – and by work I mean train or learn. When I connect with them, I’m there to work and they’re ready to teach. From trans mediumship to scanning someone’s energy body, they’ve taught me how to do all of it. Though if you ask them, I’m sure they’d tell you they just helped me remember how to do all of it.

Our combined energy can sometimes be too much for me to stomach (literally) and I have to ask them to stop and give me space.

Acclimating to this new vibration feels very similar and is taking me longer than other shifts have taken in the past. But if my Higher Self felt I was ready, then I’m ready. I know this will pass and I know it will get easier.

Perhaps You Can Relate and Never Realized it Before

It’s very possible that you have also experienced something like this but didn’t realize it at the time.

Let me see if I can help provide you with a visual to help you understand what this might feel like in case you can recall a similar instance in your life or experience sometime in the future.

If I close my eyes to view through my mind’s eye or my 3rd Eye Chakra, what I see looks like a spinning galaxy – a whirlwind. Imagine looking at the view of the earth from a satellite when a hurricane is in the works. It looks a bit like that. Except, what makes up this whirlwind isn’t anything physical in nature. It’s just energy. A spinning vortex of energy.

Can you get a sense for what that might feel like if you place it right in the core of your body in that space near your stomach where your rib cage opens up. Place your hand over flat over your stomach with your thumb resting just below your sternum. That’s the space or area to which I’m referring. The same area that you typically feel motion sickness or anxiety.

Energy shifts that occur within us, feel the same as anxiety or nerves or motion sickness but won’t necessarily make you vomit – or at least it’s never come to that for me. So that’s helpful, I guess.

Is All of this “Normal?

I suppose that part of the reason I chose to share this with all of you today, is because so many of the things that I experienced throughout my childhood and a good part of my adult life I always thought were “normal.” I thought that everyone did them. The things that I would see, or sense, or hear, or feel, or the things that I just knew without knowing how. That was my “normal.” It wasn’t until well into my adult life that I learned that these things I experienced weren’t experienced by everyone.

Heck, I’m STILL learning what is “normal” and “not normal” even among my peers.

My point is that, while this is going on for me, I felt it important to share. I know I’m not the only one that experiences things like this. It may not be as common as I once thought it was, but somewhere out there is someone as lost as I was, not know that there is even anything to question about the things they experience. Not knowing that there is so much more out there to be learned about who and WHAT we really are.

This particular energetic shift has manifested as headaches, tiredness, nausea, emotional turmoil. Good grief I’ve been emotionally all over the place, especially today. That’s why I chose to break the mold and NOT do what I had planned. This seemed more fitting.

It’s not easy to always stay present when something like this happens. Energetic shifts DO affect us even if we don’t always recognize when they happen.

So How Do I Cope?

I continue to try to ground myself. That helps for a while and then I need to refocus and do it again. I also feel that writing or talking about all of this and sharing this experience with others is helpful too.

I have a feeling that within the next few days or the next week at most, I will have acclimated to this new vibration and will be as good as new if not better.

If you’ve experienced anything like this and you’d like to share your thoughts or just talk about it, reach out to me. It’s important to find like-minded people that are open and understanding. So if you’d like to share or talk, use the contact form or share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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