Fully-Clothed Massage

There are many reasons you may not be comfortable undressing for massage. And that’s okay. At Simply Attuned your comfort is what matters.
The choice to stay clothed or not is always yours. Either way, the quality of your massage remains the same.

If you choose to stay clothed, a simple t-shirt paired with sweatpants, leggings, or shorts works best.

Book your appointment today and come comfortable!

Thank You for Your Service!

Simply Attuned offers a 10% discount for all military personnel and their immediate family members. Please present your Military ID or paperwork at time of service to receive the discount.

Experience the Healing Power of Reiki

Reiki has been scientifically proven to be more physically relaxing than meditating or listening to music. It also reduces a person’s resting heart rate and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.

Our bodies are natural healing machines — especially when relaxed — which is what makes energy work such a beneficial and effective tool for healing.

Book an appointment today to start your journey toward holistic health.

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Simply Attuned is open for in-person massage and Reiki sessions. Discover holistic health through Reiki, Massage, and Meditation by making the choice to support your mind, body, and soul. Book an appointment today!


Holistic Health - Healing the Mind, Body, and SoulI believe in holistic health. I believe in addressing health issues from the inside out. Illness, discomfort, disease, pain, stress, anxiety, depression – at some point in our lives, we may suffer from one or many of these things. But where did they come from? And why?

Most often, the physical sensations we feel are simply our body’s way of trying to tell us something. It’s likely that there were other, less-obvious signs that we missed along the way. All living creatures have a physical body, an emotional body, and an energetic body which is our life force, our chi, our prana. To truly heal our physical body, we must also heal our energetic and emotional bodies.

Simply Attuned was founded to help you do just that. Our bodies are talking to us. We just need to learn how to listen. And I can teach you.


My passion is to help others discover holistic health and healing for their mind, body, and soul. I offer compassion, guidance, encouragement and soul growth to all my clients. At Simply Attuned, you’ll receive personalized attention because I believe everyone is different, with different needs, individual goals, and unique challenges.

I have been practicing as a Master Reiki Practitioner since 2011. I have spent months studying chakras and energy work with Anodea Judith, an expert in the field and best-selling author. I’ve learned and worked with several energy-based healing modalities throughout the years to find what works best for myself and my clients. In 2017 I also become a licensed Massage Therapist where I learned anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and more.  I love to learn and I’m constantly looking for new ways to help my clients. 


I would love to share my knowledge and expertise with you and to help you achieve holistic health, balance, and growth. Appointments are available for individuals or groups, depending on the services needed. Our energy bodies are not restricted by location so distance Reiki healing sessions are also available.

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