Have you ever done something, possibly something that you wouldn’t normally do, that made your heart sing with joy or that left you feeling incredibly happy and fulfilled?

When I feel like that, I know that I’ve just filled this virtual bucket of joy within me. I see this as fuel for my soul. Others might call this feeling good karma, but either way, you’re left in a higher vibrational state than you were before. And it feels good!

So what if I told you that you can create this feeling to fill your bucket and fuel your soul without much effort at all? And that, once you do it, you might enjoy it so much, that you start to do things to help you feel this way more often.

Feelings of joy, happiness, fulfillment, compassion and love put us in a higher vibrational state. It feels good and natural to be in a higher vibrational state. Our spirit, body, and mind want to be in as high of a vibrational state as possible. When we are in that place of happiness, we can create pretty much anything in our lives.

Think back to the days when you were a child. The world was amazing and exciting to you. It’s not just because everything was new, either. There is wonder in all of that, of course, but your natural energetic vibration was higher, so you saw the world with more delight and excitement. Everything, from a trip to the grocery store with Mom, to playtime in a bathtub, to petting a puppy or kitten, or a squiggly little pig at a farm, filled you with excitement and anticipation.

It’s in those moments of joy and excitement, anything is possible. 

Today, I want to share with you ways that we can still feel joy, happiness, compassion, and fulfillment so that we can continue to fuel our soul. It really is pretty easy to do. But unless we set our intention to do so, we often forget or don’t act when the instinct calls to us to do so.

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As adults, we have responsibilities and stress that tends to bring down our natural energetic vibration of well-being. From the time we reach grade school, we start to feel the effects of stress and lower vibrational states. The pressures of being on time, showing up, listening, having to follow the rules, being expected to participate and get things done, all add up. When we spend too much time doing things that don’t fuel our soul, the effects are cumulative. Our energetic vibration starts to diminish.  The expectations start to bring us down. So how do we combat that? How do we find a balance in life?

I could share with you a long list of things that you can do that would fuel your soul and raise your vibration – and I have on numerous occasions. But today I want to focus on one thing that has an immediate impact and takes zero planning, and no extra effort each day. You don’t have to even make time for it. You can just let it happen as you go about your day.

What I’m referring to is service to others. We naturally feel joy, compassion, and fulfillment just by doing things for others.

A Story About My Brother, Matt

Just today, I was talking to my brother and he was sharing with me how well his new business is going. He left his stressful existence working as an auto-insurance claim estimator (I’m not sure of the technical term) and as a body shop repair guy and paint technician extraordinaire (he is quite talented at custom paint jobs and does high-quality work). He needed something else. There was something better out there and more rewarding than always relying on other people to pay him what they thought was fair for his skills while they took the majority of the money for themselves as “overhead.” That is the way of business these days, but he couldn’t take it anymore. It was killing him. His soul was nearly on empty.

When you’re in a state of a lower vibration like this one, we often feel desperate or fed up, but it’s in those moments when we feel the most stuck, too. Our predominant emotions are fear, frustration, overwhelm, hopelessness. To take a leap of faith requires us to find a proverbial “light shining through the clouds” and to step into it. We have to stay within that light long enough to raise our vibration so that we can be in enough of a higher-brain mindset to take that leap of faith and decide to go after better well-being for ourselves.

For my brother, this higher vibration was his anger. He was completely fed up by his employer one day and made the tough decision to simply grab his things walk out. He knew that staying was putting himself in a serious health-risk situation. The decision to leave was exactly what he needed to do. It was a Friday and he took the weekend to sort through his thoughts and emotions.

He realized that the place he worked was toxic for him. Another day of what he was dealing with could have easily had him in the hospital. The stress was unfathomable and the risk to his health and well-being was at a seriously detrimental point. And the risk simply wasn’t worth taking anymore. He needed to act and his anger was what made that possible.

Anger Makes Change Possible

Anger may not sound like a good energy or vibration, but it’s a higher vibration than fear, depression, or hopelessness. We can use anger to move us forward. When we feel angry it actually means our vibration is increasing and getting higher. So it’s a good thing.

Since he quit his job (which by the way had an IMMEDIATELY POSITIVE effect on his overall vibration and well-being) I’ve talked with him about mindset and how to set intentions and goals and create the life he wants. I want him to be successful, so I’ve been sharing whatever I can to help him do so. But I also know that because his energetic vibration is higher, that the Law of Attraction will work with him. His vibration will continue to increase as he continues to do well. He will naturally find success as his vibration increases, too. The Law of Attraction makes this so.

My brother made the leap of faith and now owns a repair business called Repairs by Matthew. He helps people in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas with anything from installing shelves, or lights, to laying stone around a fireplace, or installing floors, and even fixing up cars in need of repair. He is incredibly skilled and he loves providing high-quality work for people. He enjoys being of service to others. It fuels his soul and keeps his energy vibrating at a higher rate.

Today he told me that he has been “been putting it out there to have constant work.” He is now booked into April and I couldn’t be more happy for him! He is in such a better place than he was before and his soul is being fueled every day through what he does.

He trusts and believes that he can create the life he desires.

We Can’t Do It Alone

Taking leaps of faith like the one my brother took, are made possible through the support, encouragement, and acts of service of others. We all need others to help us succeed. None of us can operate or function well on our own. My brother had the support of loved ones to turn his leap of faith into a positive and prosperous one. Friends and family helped get him started by hiring him to help them with their own projects.

This was an act of service to him as well, because they showed their faith and trust in him, his work, and his skillset. Friends and family continue to send work his way. He helped them with their repair or construction projects and in turn, they spread the word about his good work to others.

That’s how serving others works. We all do it and we can do it even more when we set the intention to do so.

Showing gratitude for the help we receive from others also raises our vibration and the vibration of others. So do it often. You can never be too grateful. If you want to fill someone else’s vibrational bucket, share your gratitude for them. It’s just another way that you can serve others on a daily basis without requiring any extra time or planning on your part.

How Can I Serve Others Today?

One of my favorite quotes from Wayne Dyer is “How may I serve?” This was his daily mantra. Every morning he would wake up and say, “How may I serve?” He understood that serving others was one of the most impactful ways to raise our vibration and in doing so, we also raise the energetic vibrations of others in the act of doing. For many of us, there is no greater way to experience joy than through the act of serving others.

But you don’t have to work in a service-based job to fuel your soul. You can do this throughout your day, easily, and without planning.

  • Open a door for someone or hold it open so others can easily walk through.
  • Provide a compliment to a stranger or to a co-worker.
  • Bring someone a cup of coffee or offer to refill their water bottle the next time you head to the break room or drinking fountain to refill your own.
  • Volunteer at a retirement home.
  • Let someone in line ahead of you.
  • Walk down the street and add some coins to expired parking meters where cars are currently parked.
  • Say hello to a stranger and strike up a conversation.
  • Volunteer to help out at local events hosted by your church or other organizations.
  • Stick a note in someone’s lunchbox or at their desk to share how much you love or appreciate them.
  • Buy someone their favorite snack from a vending machine to let them know you were thinking about them.
  • Ask a stranger how their day is going – sometimes, we all just need a good listener to help us begin raising our vibration.

Don’t Overthink It!

The moral of my message today is that serving others is easy to do and doesn’t require extra planning or extra time. All it takes is some intention and the ability to act on instinct.

When you feel inclined to talk to someone, share something, do something for someone, don’t hesitate. Don’t question whether or not you should or how it will be received. Just act. Your instincts are guiding you toward higher vibrations. You just have to listen and take action when you feel compelled to do so.

Look for ways to be of service to others throughout your day today and then every day. Seize the moment! You’ll experience more feelings of joy, happiness, fulfillment, compassion, and love by doing so. But what’s even better, is that the person you touch through your act of service will too. Your kind gesture, or comment, or act may just make their day and turn was could have been the worst day for them, into a positive and memorable one.

So get out there and do something for someone. You will feel happier for doing so, and so will they!

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